Working with our suppliers, HD Supply's businesses leverage our industry expertise and best practices to provide professional customers with a world-class relationship. By teaming with HD Supply, you gain a long-standing distribution partner with a track record of success.

At HD Supply, our sourcing model combines centralized purchasing and selection of preferred suppliers with buying activity administered at the local level of our individual businesses. Our businesses independently plan and manage their purchasing strategies to meet the needs of their unique markets and customers.

HD Supply is committed to providing its customers with unparalleled service and high-quality products at competitive pricing. Our centralized sourcing structure helps ensure alignment of these goals across the enterprise. With HD Supply, you gain access to the combined strength of our broad range of products and services, while working closely with multiple industry-leading business units.


HD Supply knows the value of teaming with diverse businesses and understands their ability to offer quality products, services and innovation. Our Supplier Diversity Program was developed to build strong relationships with certified Minority-Owned, Women-Owned and other historically disadvantaged and small businesses.

If you have a diverse business certification or small business classification from a recognized certifying agency, we encourage you to make your status known to your HD Supply purchasing contact, or if you do not have a relationship with HD Supply, visit our online Supplier Center, where you can enter your business, contact, and diversity information. Include the name of your business, Duns Number, description of the products or services you offer, the certified diversity classification of your business, and contact information.


HD Supply manages our business with the highest integrity, so our customers can trust us to serve them with honor and professionalism. One of the ways we demonstrate further this responsibility is to partner with suppliers who share our values and commitment to upholding ethical principles. To that end, we contract with global testing and inspection companies that offer a variety of social and environmental screening methods.

Depending on the level of risk associated with a particular country or geographic region, our suppliers must meet our screening requirements for fraud, employment and pay practices (such as age requirements, no forced labor, non-discrimination, freedom of expression and association, wages, and work hours), emergency planning, and environmental health and safety. Complete access to a supplier's facilities must be granted upon our request. We also make available our Ethics Guide for Suppliers, Contractors and Consultants, which clearly communicates our expectation of compliance.

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