Employment Verification

Verification of Employment (VOE)

  • All VOE requests must be obtained online through CCC Verify at www.cccverify.com. HD Supply cannot provide a wage and/or employment verification for any current or former associate.
  • CCC Verify provides employment and wage verification online for current and former associates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Use the last 4 digits of the employee’s Social Security Number for the Security Code. Note, a Company Code is not needed.

Note: If for any reason no records are found, or the data is incomplete or incorrect, please fax your request to the MSS Administration Department along with the document from CCC Verify to (866) 495-9910 and indicate the issue on your cover letter.

DOT Verification Request Overview and Process

Prospective employers who wish to verify driving history such as accidents, drug and alcohol test results within the last 3 years, must submit request to the EHS Department.
Please submit request via:

  • Email gsc.ehs.info@hdsupply.com OR Fax (855) 221-9324
  • For question or concerns, please contact the EHS Department at (877) 230-8948
  • For Verification of Employment (VOE), such as: dates of employment, position held, earnings, etc.; visit CCC Verify at www.cccverify.com for details.

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